1e Psionics in 5e

Thinking more about 1e I figured it would be a nice option to allow the chance for latent psionics as we did in the old days (I recall having 1 character who rolled the required % number over decades of play). ¬†Here are the 5e updated rules. PSIONICS Psionics are various powers derived from the […]

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Restricting Class Options in 5e

I just finished listening to the latest Tome show episode and it reminded me of the old 1e and 2e restrictions on classes based on ability score rolls. ¬†I had forgotten about this and the game has moved on from this restriction. ¬†But I thought it may actually be a good optional rule. ¬†It would […]

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Old School XP in 5e

Here is a simple rule I am going to try next campaign. ¬†Monsters are worth 1/10th their listed XP value and a gold piece is worth 1 XP. ¬†I expect it will promote a bit more exploration and creative thinking in how to extract as much treasure as possible from a dungeon. ¬†Reminiscent of D&D […]

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