Staff of Moa

I am running my family through Tomb of Annihilation at the moment.  Since they skipped all the setpiece encounters in the jungle exploration part of the adventure and ended up at Omu by level 2 they are missing a lot of magic items.  So I ended up upping the power of the Trickster Gods signature […]

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XENOBLADE: Battle Angel Combo

I am a fan of the Xenoblade series though the latest version left me a bit cold – great combat but its very much a “press X to go to next cutscene” game and the cutscenes are very very long.  I still think XCX is the best of the lot.  My 14 year old daughter […]

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More Animal Machine Traits

Here are more traits for your biomechanical animals inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn.  Use the guidelines in the DMG or your gut feeling as a DM to determine how much of a CR increase, if any, this adds to the base monster. TRAIT Corrupted Machine. Machines are infected with a virus that is both digital and […]

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Biomechanical​ Wildlife

Since playing the Iron Gods Adventure Path I have made sure to include some kind of technological treasure or encounter in my game.  For example, I am currently running Tomb of Anhiliation and have converted the atropal into a demon-robot-Orcus and the Soulmonger is as much a technological device as magical (no real difference to the […]

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Merry Christmas all

Hodie Christus natus est:  Hodie Salvator apparuit: Hodie in terra canunt Angeli, laetantur Archangeli Hodie exsultant justi, dicentes: Gloria in excelsis Deo. Alleluia. Advertisements

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Oriental Adventures​ for 5e live on DMs Guild

A collection of all the oriental work on this blog in one place.  Meant to act more as a reference as opposed to a sourcebook at such – plug and play for your OA campaign. 5e Oriental Adventures Reference.     Advertisements

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Warhammer Lizardmen in 5e (yes, lizardMEN not lizardFOLK)

Playing Total War: Warhammer II recently and I really like the mythos around lizardmen (they are a single gender race – all male – since they spawn and don’t biologically reproduce) – Aztec lizardmen who live in a jungle.  I replaced the natives of Chult with lizardmen and moved it to Lustria (amongst other changes) […]

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