As a DM I felt that Iron Gods was too sciency.  It used too many science terms which I thought was not appropriate to the setting.  At least to the NImmeria of my campaign world as opposed to Numeria of Golarion.  So I ended up changing things where I could and one of those changes included engineering which I poached from w40k.  I think this sounds much more fantasy-esque considering technology would seem like a new kind of magic to natives of your average D&D world.

The Magi of the Technic League are privy to many ancient secrets from the Divinity (which is a window into the Dark Age of Technology – a time when the un-living phalanxes of Mankind’s creations shattered forgotten alien empires to carve humanity’s first empire from the stars).

Although much of this lore is still incomprehensible to the League or become expressly forbidden, such fragments of knowledge allow the Magi to fashion and maintain a small, but powerful, cadre of Battle-automata in and around Nimmeria but heavily concentrated at Starfall. Such is the nature of the dark arcana of cybertheurgy, however, that it is not without its risks, as what is awakened may slip the leash of its master’s control with disastrous consequences.

Cybertheurgy is a class skill for the mechromancer Ranger archetype.  It can also be gained by the Local Ties background.  It allows knowledagble magi to maintain, decipher and master technology found on the Divinity.  Specifically it adds a bonus to identify technology on the “FIGURING OUT ALIEN TECHNOLOGY” table (Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 268).  It also has other uses in game at the DM’s discretion.

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