ARMOURY: Scorpions Claw

Gave this to Nalakai.  He promptly shot two shurikens which missed and embedded themselves into the skymetal wall.  The monk in the party, Sylvannus, gasp and immodestly said “mine!”.  I had made a point earlier in Fires of Creation that skymetal was impervious to even magic let alone normal weapon attacks.  So it was nice to see that seed come around.

Power weapons project a disruptive energy field along the blade or head of a weapon, allowing it to slice armour or strike with explosive impact. In theory any weapon can be upgraded to a power weapon given the necessary technology. Many of these weapons use subtle mechanisms and can appear normal until activated, whereupon crackles of revealing lightning run across the blade. A power weapon can still be used as an ordinary weapon should its power source run dry or become damaged.

Wondrous item, very rare

Scorpion’s Claw is one of the ritual weapons used by the Exarchs of the Striking Scorpion Warrior Aspect. Taking the form of a powered claw-shaped gauntlet, they are artfully crafted to visually resemble the mighty pincer of a real scorpion, this weapon is, in essence, the Eldar version of a Power Fist, giving the bearer vastly increased strength and armour penetration at the price of speed. A Scorpion’s Claw also incorporates a Shuriken Catapult into the weapon’s vambrace for ranged engagements, granting the Exarch a moderate amount of firepower while allowing him to wield another close quarter weapon in his other hand, and thus not hamper his close quarters prowess.  This particular glove is glossy beetle-black in colour and bears the standard of the Children of Thorns – a murderous band of outcast Eldar native voidfarers and corsairs of the Koronus Expanse.

Mechanics all: Your Strength score is 19 while you wear the claw. They have no effect on you if your Strength is already 19 or higher.  They also set the wielders unarmed attack type to magical and increase unarmed attack damage to 1d4. Finally the claw provides an unlimited supply of razor-sharp monomolecular discs –- the eponymous shuriken.

Bonus monk mechanic: You may reroll damage rolls of 1 when making unarmed attacks involving the claw.   You may also add your dexterity bonus to attack and damage of the shuriken catapult as if they were thrown.

Art credits to Althwen.


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