ARMOURY: The Scatterlight

Also recovered from Yurian Valenko… the question is, why was “he” wearing an bodyglove used exclusively by assassins…

Armoured bodygloves are a favourite for assassins, as they offer full body protection with little or no reduction in mobility. Each bodysuit is normally tailored to the wearer, and can vary in effectiveness depending on the materials used from simple flak protection levels to degrees rivalling the finest carapace armour plating. Many are simply worn underneath normal clothing or robes so as to not reveal their nature.

Rare clothing

This particular phase suit is a jet black, tight, form-fitting suit of highly reflective polymers and synthetic metal fibres.  It is designed to cover the entire body – including the head and face, though it can be worn without this up.  It’s designed to reflect beam weapon attacks, and provides only minimal protection against physical damage.

Activating a scatterlight suit is a free action; once activated, the suit diffuses and blurs light reflected from its surface, making the wearer appear hazy and indistinct.  While active, the scatterlight suit provides resistance to radiant damage.  It provides no bonus to AC otherwise.


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