ACCESS CARD: Septimius Jastremski (Gray)

Inspired by the great work done by Karui Kage and using his template here is a green access card.  Beware this is specific to  my Rogue Trader re-themed Divinity for my personal campaign world.  I have been laminating these and handing them out as they are found.  They compliment the hololithic messages (audio/video logs) left throughout the ship. Another ill-fated member of the Chrysalis. The access cards help personalise the enemies I feel.  And its a cool handout.

  • Name: Septimius Jastremski
  • Department: Chrysalis Salvage
  • Role: Petty Officer
  • QR: Links back to wiki … can’t recall!
  • Artwarhammer 2 by p0p5

Septimius Jastremski (Gray)


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