SORCEROUS ORIGIN: Child of the Atom

One of my players (my wife) took the sorceress as her class pick but I didn’t think any of the origins were appropriate so came up with one that fits Nimmeria’s technology and radiation ravaged landscape – Child of the Atom.

Edit:  As the level 18 ability ended my campaign prematurely I decided to tone it down.  New restrictions are highlighted in blue.

Your innate magic comes from being exposed to gamma radiation when you were a child (or adult).  This may have been from wandering too close to one of the forbidden ruins of steel, unwisely drinking Nimmerian fluids or even Technic League experimentation.

At 1st level, you gain the first of many mutations.  You are immune to radiation poisoning and any related damage of all types.  You also act as a radiation detector and can sense radiation as a detect magic spell.  The intensity of the radiation will determine a physical side-effect:

  • Low – your eyes turn emerald green
  • Medium – as low but your hair also turns emerald green.
  • High – as medium but now also your lips turn emerald green.  Your hair seems to animate as if it was floating in the air.
  • Severe – as high but now your skin is green and your eyes are fiery globes of bright green light.

Finally, you become tougher to kill as the gamma radiation makes you more than human. You get a bonus of 1 hit point whenever you level up and your base AC is 13 + Dexterity modifier.

Starting at 6th level, when in the presence of radiation your spells become infused with the power of gamma radiation.  You may add your Charisma bonus to the damage dice of any offensive spell you cast.  You may also change the damage type of any energy based spell to radiation damage.  This acts exactly like the base spell except it also inflicts radiation poisoning on a failed save (the poisoned status effect, save ends).

At 14th level, you increase by one size category (medium becomes large for example). You also gain the ability to leap vast distances. As a bonus action, you may spend a sorcery point and can move in any direction that would logically allow a leap of up to 1 mile. It only takes you a few seconds to cover this distance. Finally, you also gain advantage on intimidation checks.

Beginning at 18th level, you may use 10 sorcery points to enter a critical mass mode unleashing all your raw latent mutant potential in one titanic show of raw power. At the end of your first round, you gain 1d3 levels of exhaustion and another level per round while this power is active.  You do not suffer the penalties of exhaustion while Critical Mass is active but you do once the effect is ended.  You may end the power at any time as a bonus action. If you ever die due to this effect you detonate in a nuclear catastrophe destroying everything in one square mile radius.

While the Critical Mass is active all spells you cast are maximised in all their variables. Finally, all your physical ability scores increase to 30. Each round the power is active you also give off low, then medium followed by high and finally severe levels of radiation in a ten-foot radius centred on yourself.

The character automatically detonates at the end of round 7.  The character killed by this ability cannot be resurrected in any way.  The death is permanent. 


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