OK so I have spent a bit of time reviewing various types of Kingdom building rules going all the way back to the green box from 1984.  The Pathfinder stuff is the best so far and because the system is independent of 3.5 rules it fits nicely with 5e and there is an SRD version here:
You would be using the “starting from scratch rules”.  Assuming its Scrapwall you start off at here is the basic statistics:

CN Small Town (pop 2,000), 1 hex.
Qualities: Notorious, Anarchic 
Crime +6; Lore +1; Law –7; Corruption +4; Economy –4; Society –4; Danger +30 
Purchase Limit = 0 gp

  • Scrapwall essentially has little infrastructure however it has a lot of raw resources.  Therefore the initial building costs are halved.
  • Scrapwall starts with an Arena,Temple (dedicated to Brigh) and a Tenement.


 SRD Rules here:
For the Android Foundry.  If you can provide the BP (building points) to keep it going it can pump out androids but with the following restrictions:
  1. Someone needs to take the Gearhead feat to represent learning how to use the system.
  2. You need to spend 30 BP as a recruitment cost for both unit – representing the required materials, power etc to keep the foundry going.  However this can be paid bit-by-bit over the year to build them.
  3. The systems are damaged there is a 50/50 chance of a normal android or a deformed android giving you two types of units.  Deformed androids are ugly and dumb but strong.  They are not inherently evil.
  4. The machine fails forevermore once its produced 100 androids of each type – normal and deformed.
  5. It will take a year to produce 200 androids.  The machine produces four androids every week or so.
  6. You need to persuade Iadenveigh to let you use the ruin….
The big assumption above all else is that you have a kingdom setup first to supply the materials you need to build androids.  Otherwise it will be impossible for you to maintain the foundry without technical help which could only come from the Technic League.  In fact the Technic League could accelerate production.  Alignment of units can be determined by you but assuming Neutral for now.


LN Medium army of androids (fighter 4)
hp 16; ACR 3
DV 13; OM +3, ranged
Tactics expert flankers, siegebreaker
Resources healing potions, improved armour, improved weapons, ranged weapons
Special construct, armour training, bravery +1, dark vision, weapon specialisation (representing nanite surge), unit never breaks but also never gains benefits from morale effects
Speed 2; Consumption 1 (recruitment cost 20 BP)


CN Medium army of deformed androids (barbarian 2)
hp 20; ACR 1
DV 11; OM +1
Tactics relentless, brutality
Special construct, darkvision, rage, weapon specialisation (representing nanite surge), unit never breaks but also never gains benefits from morale effects
Speed 2; Consumption 1  (recruitment cost 10 BP)


Feel free to rename it.  Here is a hex map of the area around Scrapwall and one of Nimmeria.

Dominion of Scrapwall



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