The Mentalist: A Pulp Hero for Your 5E Game

Non-evil option for the Warlock that would fit the Iron Gods Adventure Path.

Dungeon Hacking

Hacking the Warlock into a Pulp Action Hero

Recently, I was listening to The Mad Adventurers’ Society: Stories from the Fifth Age, which is a solid podcast about the story aspects of 5th Edition games (as opposed to the gaming aspects), and the hosts were talking about the Warlock class. They agreed that the fluff of the class seemed restrictive, and said that they couldn’t imagine playing it any other way but “person who has sold their soul or sanity for great power.” (I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of the conversation.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about the classes from Paizo’s Occult Adventures, which are based on turn-of-the-century occultism, and play with the idea of “psionics” in interesting ways. I wanted to represent those power sources, and those classes in 5th Edition, , but creating a whole new class is an awful lot of work.

The result of…

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