Ranger Archetype: The Robot Hunter

More options for the Iron God Adventure Path, a nice counter point to the Mechromancer – a hater vs a lover.

Dungeon Hacking

Magnus: Robot Fighter


You are humanity’s first line of defense against the robot menace, and you use both your ability to control machines and your ability to destroy them to protect the natural world. That means smashing robots and other mechanical creatures better than anyone else, but it also means being able to get inside them and learn how they work. You have learned specialized techniques for dealing with these threats.

In order to take the following features, you must have selected constructs (which includes robots and clockworks) as your favored enemy. These features are gained in addition to the choices from your Hunter archetype. You may only use one feature from each level at one time. When you finish a short or long rest, choose which feature you plan to use. Once you have made a choice, you may not change it until you finish a short or long rest.

Hunter’s Prey

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