Thundarr, the Robot-Smasher Barbarian

Anti-robot barbarian. If anyone is interested in this let me know. I may rework it a little to be more anti-tech. But no problem to take it as is.

Dungeon Hacking


The circle of metal spiders closed around Klar, and the boy dropped the pile of firewood he had been fetching. The creatures chittered at him in their alien tongue, their pincers ripping at his cloak. Summoning all of his courage, and thinking of the shame he would bring on his tribe if he went down without a fight, Klar hit the closest robot with a piece of wood, but while his strike was a solid hit, the metal monstrosity appeared all but unhurt. Klar knew, then, that it was his time, and rage grew inside him. He did not want to die like this, pulled apart by these inhuman things. He wanted to die at the hands of men, to die like a man.

Klar’s vision narrowed until he could only see the robotic spider in front of him, and he let out a scream that reminded him…

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