Nanite Sorcerer Bloodline for 5th Edition D&D

More options for androids.

Dungeon Hacking

More Machine than Man

The Nanite Bloodline, from Paizo’s People of the River, might be a little too specific for most games, but it’s perfect for Iron Gods, where players can play android sorcerers. The bloodline synchronizes with the android race nicely, in my game the bloodline is android only (and the only sorcerer bloodline androids can take). I like the idea that an android’s “sorcery” comes less from a draconic ancestor or a wild font of magic, and more from its programming. That says a lot, to me, about the people who programmed it, and the ways in which magic and technology were merged in their society. If a society has technology advanced enough to create nearly-human constructs, and imbue those constructs with souls, that’s the realm of hard science fiction. If that society also chooses to give those androids access to magical power, that’s something else altogether…

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