Yah-Thalgaad Breastplate

Armour (medium)

Made from the shell of an ascended Neh-Thalgaa this psionically enhanced items provides a base AC of 15 + Dex modifier (max 2) as well as psychic feedback to anything that makes a natural or unarmed attack against the wearer of 3 (1d6) psychic damage.  5,000 gp.


4 thoughts on “Yah-Thalgaad Breastplate

  1. I love the content that you are producing for 5th edition. Is there a chance that you are collecting it anywhere? I also love that you are doing Iron Gods, as I am running through that right now. I kind of wish that it was 5th edition.


    1. Hi Lorahorn,
      Glad you like it! Everything I have converted is here which covers everything from half-way through Fires of Creation up to Valley of the Brain Collectors. I am working on Palace of Fallen Stars now. The reason Fires of Creation wasn’t fully converted was that I got I was planing on playing Iron Gods and just converting the monsters on the fly. But I found that didn’t work well so started converting everything from about the med-labs onwards. To preserve my sanity I usually don’t convert every-single-thing just stuff my players will interact with and that needs converting. Many tech items, for example, don’t need converting while pretty much every monster does. We are having a ball as a 5e Adventure Path.

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