Hololithic Fragment 02

Because I am taking the story a slightly different way I decided to use “hololithic messages” – essentially video and sound recordings – to tell the story.   I created a table and rolled randomly whenever the characters found one.  Did this right from the first adventure and the more technological the locale the more likely they would fine one.  I also “hid” them so they would act as a reward for exploration.  Here are the messages revealed as they are found not in chronological order of events.

Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.5.  After a week of shadowing the Illithid Fortress ship, it has turned around and is heading straight for us.  The ship is gigantic but our scanners still show their weapons are down.  I just hope they don’t try to board us.  The Divinity is nimbler ship so I should be able to dance indefinitely.  Failing that I will have to depend on the Dreadnaught and the Sisters of Battle to do the brunt of the fighting”.


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