Hololithic Fragment 16

Bought at the Night Market in Starfall by Sylvanus.

A voice recording only “Following our victories in the Morbid Rift campaign, my regiment was rewarded with service in the indentured forces of a Rogue Trader house Drub. For over a decade, subjective, we cut a swathe through reaches of the void no man had ever visited in the Koronus Expanse. I felt the heat of alien stars and trod ground no human foot had ever marked with its passing. I saw the ruins of ancient races that had fallen before we’d even formed our first words and I heard the whispers of dead gods on the stellar winds. But most of all, we conquered. We took it all, in the name of the God-Emperor of Mankind.  It will be nice to get home.”  Recorder has a name glowing on its surface one Colonel Ghib, 142nd Cadian


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