The ninja class for 5e Oriental Adventures.  You could argue that the assassin archetype fits the ninja quite well but historically the ninja was as much a spy as an assassin.  I have used the assassin as the base archetype but added more spy and mystical type abilities to the ninja’s repertoire.  


Ninjas are the invisible warriors; spies and assassins practiced in the skills of concealment, stealth, trickery, disguise, acrobatics, and assassination. They possess a number of special powers and use many unique devices. Their abili- ties and reputations are clouded in mystery. Many ascribe supernatural powers to them. The ninjas have done nothing to discourage these stories and may very well spread the tales themselves. Such confusion only enhances their reputa- tions, inspiring more terror at the mere mention of their name.

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with the disguise kit and the poisoner’s kit.  You also consider eggshell bombs as a tool and gain proficiency in their use.  They never break in your hands and you may add your proficiency bonus to the DC and/or damage of the bomb as a flat bonus.

Starting at 3rd level, your training allows you to harness the mystic energy of ki. Your access to this energy is represented by a number of ki points. You have as many ki points as rogue levels.

You can spend these points to fuel various ninja tricks.  You use your bonus action to spend a ki point. When you spend a ki point, it is unavailable until you finish a short or long rest, at the end of which you draw all of your expended ki back into yourself.  You must spend at least 30 minutes of the rest meditating to regain your ki points.

Some of your ki features require your target to make a saving throw to resist the feature’s effects. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows:

Ki save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier

  • Ninja-Speed.  By spending 1 point from your ki pool, you can make one additional attack as part of your attack action.
  • Speed of the Cobra.  You can spend 1 point to increase your speed by 20 feet for 1 round.
  • Living Shadow.  You can spend 1 point from your ki pool to give yourself advantage on Stealth checks for 1 round.
  • Thief-Acrobat.  You can spend 1 point from your ki pool to give yourself advantage on Acrobatics checks for 1 round.
  • Leap of the Clouds. You can spend 1 point from your ki pool to double your jumping distance.
  • Light Step.   You gain one use of the water walk spell.
  • Feather Fall.  Expend 1 ki point to gain feather fall effect as the spell.
  • Flurry of Stars.  Expend 1 ki point to throw 2 more shuriken as part of your attacks action.
  • Elemental Weapon.  You can expend 1 ki point per attack to change the type of damage your weapon does to an energy type – lighting, thunder or fire.
  • Duplicate.  Expend 1 ki point to gain mirror image effect as the spell.
  • Dislocate. Gain advantage on an Escape check.
  • Equilibrium. Expend 1 ki point to act in surprise round based on initiative order.
  • Pressure Points.  Opponent damaged by sneak attack in melee must make a Constitution saving throw or be stunned for 1 round.
  • Ki Charge. You invest a portion of your ki into a single thrown weapon, such as a shuriken, and throw it as an attack action. The thrown weapon explodes on impact in a 5-foot burst, dealing 1d6 points of fire damage plus 1d6 points of fire damage for every additional four ki points you spend. Creatures caught in the blast receive a Dexterity save to halve the damage.  If the thrown weapon hits a creature, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw. If the thrown weapon misses, it still explodes near the target who instead gets a normal save.

Starting at 9th leveI, you can unfailingly create false identities for yourself. Vou must spend seven days and 25 gp to establish the history, profession, and affiliations for an identity. Vou can’t establish an identity that belongs to someone else. For example, you might acquire appropriate clothing, letters of introduction, and official- looking certification to establish yourself as a member of a trading house from a remote city so you can insinuate yourself into the company of other wealthy merchants.

Thereafter, if you adopt the new identity as a disguise, other creatures believe you to be that person until given an obvious reason not to.

At 9th level, you have mastered the art of covering your tracks, remaining hidden, and concealing your presence. The DC to track you using the Survival skill increases by +1 for every four ninja levels.

At 13th level, you gain access to more options for your ki power:

  • Thousand Faces.  You gain one use of the alter self spell.
  • Ghost Step.  You can slip magically between spaces by spending a ki point, as per the spell dimension door.
  • Poison Adaption.  You can spend a ki point to automatically succeed on a saving throw against a poison affect.
  • Slippery Mind.  By spending a ki point you can automatically succeed at a saving throw against any kind of mental affect that wrests control away from you – like dominate or charm effects.
  • Hidden Master.  By spending 3 ki points you may cast the greater invisibility spell.
  • Kawarimi.  When hit by an enemy as a reaction you may expend 1 ki point to attempt a Stealth check opposed by the attacker’s Perception check. You can attempt this check while being observed as long as you have cover or concealment nearby. If you succeed, the opponent’s attack hits an inanimate object that the attacker mistook for the ninja, and the ninja may move into an adjacent square and is hidden from the attacker.
  • See the Unseen.  Expend 1 ki point to gain see invisibility as the spell.
  • Mind Strike.  Expend 1 ki point to change the damage type of your attack to psychic damage.


Starting at 17th leveI, you become a master of instant death. When you attack and hit a creature that is surprised, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your proficiency bonus). On a failed save, double the damage of your attack against the creature.


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