Muji, Spirit Folk ninja far from home. 4th level.
Maline, human deepstalker ranger.  4th level.
Rickkie, dragonborn battle-master (fighter).  4th level.

And some NPCs – Jimjar, Binwin, Topsy and Turvy.

Written by Muji, the Kara-Tur wanderer:

Think I smell a rat
On the (Blingden) road again
Who let the dogs out?

DM’s context.  After escaping the Demogorgon demolished kuotoa town of Sloobdublop they discover at the nex fool moon that Topsy and Turvy are wererats.  They push on towards Blingdenstone but encounter a gnoll hunting pack led by a bouda – a fiendish servant of Yeenoghu.




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