Muji, Spirit Folk ninja far from home. 4th level.
Maline, human deepstalker ranger.  4th level.
Rickkie, dragonborn battle-master (fighter).  4th level.
Milsandra, human priestess of Sune.  4th level.
Buppido, derro bard/warlock, master of the claves.  4th level (now a PC).

And some NPCs – Jimjar, Binwin, Topsy and Turvy.

Written by Muji, the Kara-Tur wanderer:

Fail, succeed, succeed,
Succeed, Fail, Succeed, and Fail.
Roll-play to Blingden.


DM’s context.  Moving on from Sloodeblop to Blingdenstone I abstracted the travel using a Skill Challenge … which the party failed at and then spent a lot of time dealing with hazards and random encounters – and the drow pursuit team also caught up to them.




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