DMs GUILD: Child of the Atom

In the Grand Duchy of Geoff at the heart of the Barrier Peaks rests a craft that fell from the stars.  Recently discovered when an earthquake revealed its resting place high in the mountains. Though how long it had lain there no one rightly knows. Many adventurers have entered that strange place in the last 35 years but few have returned. No one has completely plumbed its depths yet and lived to enjoy the spoils.  However, those that do return bring back treasures that match the power of the greatest archmages but that any commoner can use. 

Occasionally, the craft vomits out creatures, fluids and an unseen energy called the Phantom Death that kills those who spend too much time near the place. But some people are not only immune to these side-effects they gain power from it. You are one such person. 

Child of the Atom is an origin for the sorcerer class. The Child of the Atom is suitable for any campaign centred around a crashed starship. For example, the classic Expedition to the Barrier Peaks or the Iron Gods Adventure Path from Paizo.


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