D&D and the Arcane Lores

Previous posts in this series can be found here and here.  This post focuses on the Arcane Lores and fitting them into the D&D 5e ruleset with the end goal of running an Old World campaign using D&D.  Here is an overview of the magic in the Old World and, where possible, D&D rules.  I […]

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D&D and the Winds of Magic

Continuing my look at a Warhammer Fantasy (WFRP) setting using D&D 5e ruleset.   Magic in the Old World is quite different from your standard D&D world.  Short of rewriting the magic system – which I don’t see the point of if you want to play D&D – here are some rules to have more […]

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D&D and the Wrath of Sigmar

To support the divine spellcasting rules.   – WRATH OF THE GODS – Divine spellcasters don’t have to worry about Tzeentch’s Curse. They pray to their Gods for their spells in a highly ritualised fashion even eliminating the need to make Concentration checks when casting.  This insulates them from the worst effects of the Aethyr, […]

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D&D and Tzeentch’s Curse

To support the arcane spellcasting rules.  Not 100% happy with these rules, needs some playtesting. – TZEENTCH’S CURSE – Arcane Magic can be unpredictable.  The more power you use to cast a spell, the more likely it is that something unexpected will happen.  This is Tzeentch’s Curse.  Not all Wizards honour Tzeentch, the Chaos God […]

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D&D in the Old World

The Warhammer setting – both 40k and fantasy – are both highly influential in my own homebrew campaign and have been since I first picked up the 1st edition fantasy roleplay book in 1987. There is a strong Warhammer streak running through all my games. If you look at the Iron God’s adventure path I […]

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Drow Ambush

Now we have all our pieces lets play the game of “drow ambush”.  This ended up being the last time the characters in my Out of the Abyss campaign meet Ilvara.  On previous occasions, they just ran.  At this point, they are level 4 and decided to try and end the pursuit once and for […]

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