Restricting Class Options in 5e

I just finished listening to the latest Tome show episode and it reminded me of the old 1e and 2e restrictions on classes based on ability score rolls.  I had forgotten about this and the game has moved on from this restriction.  But I thought it may actually be a good optional rule.  It would force people to play characters they wouldn’t normally play and to be creative with what they get.  So here is an option for using those old rules with the 5e PHB classes.  I expect my players would hate it but I may try this next game – along with some 1e psionic options.

Barbarian 15 14 15  – <16  –
Bard 15 15 10 12 15 15
Cleric  –  –  –  – 10  –
Druid  –  –  –  – 12 15
Fighter 9  – 7  –  –  –
Monk 15 15 11  – 15  –
Paladin 12  – 9 9 13 17
Ranger 13  – 14  – 14  –
Rogue  – 9  –  –  –  –
Sorcerer  – 6  –  –  – 10
Warlock  –  –  – 12  – 12
Wizard  – 6  – 10  –  –

Unless otherwise stated these are the minimum scores required for each class.  Each character rolls 4d6 dropping the lowest number.  The player does this six times then assigns them to ability scores (nice DM’s may allow players to reroll whole sets but not individual ability scores).


6 thoughts on “Restricting Class Options in 5e

    1. Indeed, I resisted the urge. Though I would consider making the harder to roll for classes – like the paladin – a bit more powerful than the one in the PHB to more represent how 1e worked.

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  1. what I hated about this system is that sometimes… you get hosed playing a class you really do not want to play. Or the party is suddenly missing any kind of healing because no one rolled enough to get a bard/cleric/druid


    1. Well, the opposite is the case now with no choice limitation. And you don’t need a healer in 5e. I also play with kids in some of my groups so it’s good to introduce them to some of the older restrictions 🙂


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