Eladrin Feydark Gladiator

 As Tomb of Annhiliation comes to end I am planning my next campaign which will be based around the 4th Edition Scales of War.  Some of the monsters caught my eye and decided to convert ahead of time.  Here is the Eladrin Faydark Gladiator which goes well with the recent Tome of Foes. ELADRIN FAYDARK […]

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Mythic Monster Tag

I use this tag in my game to indicate monsters which are meant to be encountered solo but are more impressive or capable than a legendary version.  At a minimum, a monster with the mythic tag has maximum hit points and legendary actions. It can be applied to any creature of any CR. MYTHIC Just […]

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Gears of Hate (ToA)

One of the things I learned while playing this level (and wish I had learned beforehand) was to visually map out the different gear configurations.  This lets the game flow more easily when the PCs start experimenting with the gears.  Bear in mind this puzzle is specifically set up to split the party.  The only […]

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Currency in Pangaea

Thanks to the mining and metallurgy of the prior worlds, and their ability to create anything they wished (or so it seems, anyway), no metal is rarer than any other. People in Pangaea have no concept of gold, silver, gemstones, or even diamonds as being valuable due to their scarcity. Such materials are valuable based […]

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