Smokey Adamantine

Specially enchanted adamantine forged by duergar.  Weapons and armour made from this substance has all the same traits of standard adamantine but also absorbs light.  When used in armour it negates any sunlight sensitivity or hypersensitivity – though the armour must be fully enclosing like plate.

When used to forge a weapon it absorbs light in a 10-foot radius reducing brightness by one step.  The weapons dimming effect is cumulative when they radius overlaps potentially plunging an area into darkness.

Smokey adamantine has not many practical uses in the Underdark but is valuable when duergar make excursions to the surface – which is very rare.  Its become more of a status symbol amongst the duergar but it is highly sorted after by other races like the drow who live closer to the surface and raid more often.

The metal looks almost translucent as it absorbs light.

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