space ghost(s)

In Dawn of the Overmind the PCs travel from Earth to Penumbra in a spelljammer/spaceship. On the way they have two set encounters – one in the phlogiston which I had the ship describe as being a “short cut through space” and the players immediately assumed it was a wormhole.  I thought that was a nice […]

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Loxodon Line Breaker

Part of the space battle skill challenge and part of a giff boarding party.  Moya’s captain a level 17 warforged monk – quickly disabled them by stunning them all in 1 round and Moya’s bio-mechanical marines captured them and put them in the brig.  When Moya got away from the pursuing dreadnaught the party renegotiated […]

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Interaction Skill Check

One thing I miss from older editions of D&D is a table that gives some guidance to a DM on how a random NPC (or mob of NPCs) react to PCs when roleplaying isn’t applicable (for example the players are not in the mood, or its a very minor thing like interaction with a guard). I […]

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brain crabs of neh thalggu

This is the final fight of “Masters of Eternal Night“.  The PCs have gathered the parts of the brainlobe (The McGuffin) and triggered the last cinematic (the discovery of an ancient mind flayer nautiloid spelljammer – I took some poetic license with the ships design) but the ship’s guardians trigger to prevent non-mind flayers from using the […]

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Stolen from the Warhammer 40 Role Playing Game. Sounded appropriate for an aberration/mind flayer focused campaign I am running – Thoughts of Darkness. The Maul of the Gatekeeper Weapon (maul), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of lawful alignment) The sacred relic weapon carried by the Watch-Captain is an artefact held in great reverence by […]


The Thralltakers

One of the main encounters in “Masters of Eternal Night” is with the Thralltakers.   The Thralltakers are an elite squad of bounty hunter mind flayers and thralls. Based on the PCs actions the group’s composition changed.  For example, since they ignored a group of flayers in the ‘enduring revolt’ encounter the Thralltakers were reinforced. […]

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Once the PCs enter the Undercity in “Dawn of the Overmind” they are met by and harassed by grammites – man-sized cockroaches. The original used reskinned hook horrors but I decided to use the roachlings for the standard grammites, spawn of akyishigal for the elites and Akyishigal for the queen grammite. These can all be found in […]

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