A reward in my Oriental Adventures campaign.  Posted here for my PCs to reference. I am using the nemuranai tag for OA magic items since in Japanese Mythology magic items are not forged or made (this is seen as disrespectful to the indwelling spirit).  Instead the items awaken through various processes – spontaneously, or through powerful magic.

Inspired by Legend of Five Rings.


Weapon (any bow), legendary (nemuranai, requires attunement)

Omen: Whenever an arrow is shot from this bow a pleasant chord is also played.

Mikuzaki is made of laminated bamboo and catalpa wood, wrapped in rattan, and adorned with silk tassels and a silver bell. Mikazuki, the Crescent Moon Bow, was the catalpa bow of Isawa Kaito, the founder of the Kaito family. A catalpa bow is a Rokugani sacred bows made of catalpa which were used also as musical instruments.

As a nemuranai item, the weapon improves in line with your proficiency modifier:

  • +2
    • Ebisu I. You no longer add your proficiency bonus to d20 rolls, instead you use proficiency dice. Your proficiency die is 1d4.
    • Masterwork. Mikazuki is a masterwork weapon. You have +1 to your damage rolls.
    • Songbow. You become proficient in the Performance skill.


  • +3
    • Ebisu II. You no longer add your proficiency bonus to d20 rolls, instead you use proficiency dice. Your proficiency die is 1d6.
    • Komori’s Dirge. Once per day, you can use an action to play an eerie, spellbinding tune. Each creature within 30 feet of you that hears you play must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you for 1 minute. If you wish, all creatures in the area that aren’t hostile toward you automatically succeed on the saving throw. A creature that fails the saving throw can repeat it at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. A creature that succeeds on its saving throw is immune to the effect of the dirge for 24 hours. Creatures with the spirit subtype have disadvantage on this roll.
    • Kitsune’s Charm. You can play Mikuzaki while casting a spell that causes any of its targets to be charmed on a failed saving throw, thereby imposing disadvantage on the save. This effect applies only if the spell has a somatic or a material component. Creatures with the spirit subtype have disadvantage on related saving throws.



Nemuranai were man made items of exceptional quality that had had their kami awakened, either through the skill used in creating them or through their association with great deeds. These items can usually only be attuned or used by a single person. They grow in power as the hero who owns it also grows in fame, honour and power.


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