A reward in my Oriental Adventures campaign.  Posted here for my PCs to reference. I am using the nemuranai tag for OA magic items since in Japanese Mythology magic items are not forged or made (this is seen as disrespectful to the indwelling spirit).  Instead the items awaken through various processes – spontaneously, or through powerful magic.

Inspired by Sandy’s weapon from Monkey Magic.


Weapon (lajatang), legendary (nemuranai, requires attunement by a sea or river spirit folk)

Omen:While carrying Staff of the Torrent Moons, you and your equipment are instantly dried whenever you emerge from a body of water.

A character can fight with an iajatang as if fighting with two weapons, incurring all the normal attack penalties of using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. A monk who is proficient with the iajatang can wield it as a special monk weapon. The weapon weighs 7 lbs and does 1d8 slashing damage. It has 3 charges and regains 1d3 charges daily at dawn. The charges are used to cast any of the weapons spells and can be used to increase the spell slot of the spell if applicable. The iajatang uses the wielders Spell Save DC if a caster of any kind, otherwise it defaults to DC 15 for all applicable spells.

The blade has carp etched into one end of the blade and a swarm of mantis on the other, they seem to change positions when you are not looking. As a nemuranai item, the weapon improves in line with your proficiency modifier:

  • +2
    • Masterwork. The iajatang is a masterwork weapon. You have +1 to your damage rolls.
    • The Way of the Carp. While attuned you are considered proficient in the weapon and gain the benefit of the dual wielder
  • +3
    • Obscuring Mist. You can cast fog cloud by consuming at least 1 charge.
    • Favor of the Sun I. The Staff of the Torrent Moons now regains 1d4 charges each day and has a maximum of 4 charges.
    • Coral’s Endurance. The staff acts as an immovable rod on command.



Nemuranai were man made items of exceptional quality that had had their kami awakened, either through the skill used in creating them or through their association with great deeds. These items can usually only be attuned or used by a single person. They grow in power as the hero who owns it also grows in fame, honour and power.


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