Actually, I am NOT a lazy DM (/nod to sly flourish) so the titles a little misleading.  Or I could just say its a “Little John” things, thats what I meant.

I spend a lot of time building encounters, writing snippets of very specific but small stories usually in the form of random encounters, converting or creating monsters and so on.  I find the whole think pretty creative and enjoy it.  I don’t always get to use everything and I figured a blog is as good a way as any to share some of my ideas, conversions and encounters etc. to help you, the Lazy DM, get through the night.


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  1. Thank you so much for all your work converting the Iron Gods campaign to 5E. You made my life SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier. Cheers!


    1. This should be fixed now. Info:

      1. Fixed. I seem to have mixed the statblocks between the normal spiderbot and the swarm version making the monster unplayable.

      2. See 1. I have lair actions listed in a sidebar, or are you referencing to something else?

      3. Fixed.

      Thanks for your support!


      1. 1. GREAT! I plan on using these a ton
        2. I was looking at the Lair Actions on the following page and didn’t know if they were in reference to the MegaBoss on the prior page, I assumed. Also, since this is on your blog I can ask: Was Phase 3 the Trinity fight from Iron Gods that you converted? I understand that it was a story driven phase 3, I’m curious to read it.

        Do you plan on adding any more of your android/robots/cyborg/NPC missfits to the bundle? Would love to use even a few of your NPC’s as I have your site open on my tablet at my table when I game for ease of use.

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  2. Hi Jay!

    I have quite a few things published now over on DMS Guild including all the androids/robots etc. I did have to rename them from the original adventure path but they are all there. Basically, every Iron Gods and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks monster is in one of these books :


    Having said that you should be able to find slightly more “raw” versions of everything on my blog. But I won’t say no to your support 🙂

    Unity boss fight can be found on this blog here:

    Is that what you are after?


    1. Got the updated file, DTRPG didn’t tell me that there was a new version as the name changed or you added a n. Small annoyance, blaming them 🙂

      Found a few more typographical quirks

      Deformed Android:

      Berserk Flailing: talks about using a Morningstar against their foes. Their equipment list does not list a morningstar, but does list a battleaxe.

      Nano Advantage: Starts off talking about Malformed android, but then talks about android assassin.

      I’ll give this version 1.1 a readover

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    1. Solomani,
      I tore through the PDF again over the weekend. I have several comments, questions, and ideas to bounce off you. How can I get a copy of my notated PDF to you?

      I don’t see a place to email you or any information on your site to send over a file.


  3. Feel free to email it directly to me at solomani AT electric DASH rain DOT net.

    I have incorporated your last fixes already. Let me review what else you suggest before I update it again.


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