Stolen from the Warhammer 40 Role Playing Game. Sounded appropriate for an aberration/mind flayer focused campaign I am running – Thoughts of Darkness. The Maul of the Gatekeeper Weapon (maul), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of lawful alignment) The sacred relic weapon carried by the Watch-Captain is an artefact held in great reverence by […]



My PCs have conquered the bad guys in “A Darkness Gathering” and now head off to the North in “Masters of Eternal Night“.  On the way, they meet some refugees who tell them that they were fleeing the neverending winter when they were attacked and robbed (and some killed) by elves.  If the PCs followup, […]


Spade of Colossal Excavation

A converted magic item for the “Thoughts of Darkness” campaign I am running. SPADE OF COLOSSAL EXCAVATION Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement) This digging tool is 8 feet long with a spade-like blade 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. Any character with 18 Strength can use this magical shovel to dig great holes. One […]

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Arcane Scrolls for Everyone!

Keeping with the Vancian theme of D&D’s magical system it makes sense that anyone who can decipher an arcane spell scroll should have a chance of casting it.  This only affects arcane spells since divine spells are actually granted by divine powers. You follow the procedure as outlined in the DMG pg 200 with the […]

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The Raven Queen’s Retribution​

A custom magic item for one of my PCs. RAVEN QUEEN’S RETRIBUTION Pistol, legendary (requires attunement, see desciption) Range (40/120) does 3d6+1 radiant damage. 2lbs.  Reload. This jet-black “wand” is embossed with the Raven Queen’s holy symbol this ancient artifact is a +1 laser pistol.  It counts as a magic weapon for overcoming damage resistance. […]

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Residuum for 5e

5e by default and (my homebrew setting specifically) is low-magic relative to the default setting of Faerun.  In search for a way for characters customise/create new magic items as well as create a money sink – something needed in 5e – I resurrected residuum from 5e. Using a ritual to disenchant gives you residuum equivalent to the lowest value […]

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