Mind Flayer: Nasty Specials

Running a campaign that involves A LOT of mind flayers requires doing some interesting things fight to fight with the standard mind flayer.  Stealing an idea from 13th Age here are “nasty specials” that can be thrown onto a mind flayer to make them unique and deadlier. These were mostly ripped from 4e and converted. […]

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Boss Fight: Shuluth the Ultitharid

The fourth and final boss of a darkness gathering adventure the mind flayer mastermind, Shuluth.  This was an interesting encounter.  Originally designed for 8 PCs only 4 turned up on the day.  The party also fought through the neo-otuygh random encounter, 2 urophions (solo) and then 1 urophion supported by mind flayer psychic warriors (nicknamed “Cid” and “Demon” […]

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Dark Fantasy: Goblins

The central conceit of Goblin Slayer is that goblins need human and demi-human women to reproduce (warning, I recommend you SKIP the first episode and start from 2nd the episode, its basically D&D with a more serious tone – what if all these species ACTUALLY did live in the same world – it’s not pretty). These […]

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Tamer Creed Mind Flayer Psion

During a darkness gathering adventure the mind flayer mastermind, Shuluth, eventually gets tired of the PCs and sends in a mind-flayer strike team to kill off the PCs. The strike force teleports in after the last agent is killed (Johann, Enoch and Lucien).  The idea is this team teleports in before the party has recovered from the […]

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Starry Golem

A supporting “mook” for a boss fight for my converted darkness gathering adventure (this is a mook because it’s not really a challenge for 8 x level 16 PCs, just a roadblock). This golem was in the original.  Though it was a standard golem in the adventure its description was quite original and inspired this modified […]

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Celestial Children

A supporting “mook” for a boss fight for my converted darkness gathering adventure. Inspired by the original Bloodborne “kin” monster. CELESTIAL CHILDREN STAR SPAWN GRUE Huge Swarm of Small aberrations, neutral evil Armour Class 11 Hit Points 175 (50d6) Speed 30 ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 6 (-2) 13 (+1) 10 (+0) 9 (-1) 11 […]

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