Taken from the Warhammer 40 RPG.  A much scarier version of a grell. ENSLAVERS Contact with the creatures known only as Enslavers is thankfully rare, for they are amongst the most dangerous xenos the Imperium has ever catalogued. A trio of Enslavers can condemn a dozen or more worlds to domination and destruction, it is […]

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Originally appearing in Dungeon #150 as part of the Savage Tide Adventure Path I converted him for use in a dreamscape boss fight orchestrated by Ilsensine as part Dawn of the Overmind. It is one of two monsters that Demogorgon can summon to aide him in the boss fight – the other being Sir Kargoth the […]

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The Thralltakers

One of the main encounters in “Masters of Eternal Night” is with the Thralltakers.   The Thralltakers are an elite squad of bounty hunter mind flayers and thralls. Based on the PCs actions the group’s composition changed.  For example, since they ignored a group of flayers in the ‘enduring revolt’ encounter the Thralltakers were reinforced. […]

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Boss Fight 2.0: Shuluth Reanimated

After being killed in “A Darkness Rising” Shuluth has returned after one of his clones activated to join the Thralltakers and get revenge. Shuluth 2.0 wields artifacts and has no clockwork power armor. SHULUTH THE REANIMATED Large aberration (ulitharid), neutral evil Armor Class 16 (resin dampsuit) Hit Points 400 Speed 40 ft. STR DEX CON […]

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foulspawn nomu

In “Masters of Eternal Night” the PCs are excavating a crater and revealing the wreckage of a crashed mind flayer planetesimal craft dating back to the days of the illthid empire. One of the rooms was a time stopped battle between forerunner (gith ancestors) and ancient mind flayers. My PCs avoided the room and let […]

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Skwusch’s Thrall: Zebulon

As part of “Masters of Eternal Night” the Thralltakers – a group of mind flayer bounty hunters – pursue the party and eventually attack them. In the original adventure, it was a trio of standard mind flayers – – Noth, Vour and Skwusch along with Bluntfel, the intellect devourer-bloodhound and a thrall bodyguard.  Each one of […]

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