penumbrian grimlock (Gyor or Hiao)

in “Dawn of the Overmind“, below the Undercity of Penumbra, deeper yet, there are the Tunnelscapes dominated by warring grimlock tribes each sure they are in the right about the interpretation of a shared religious article – the Gyor (“grey“) and the Hiao (“green“). The adventure does not go into a lot of detail about […]

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Originally appearing in Dungeon #150 as part of the Savage Tide Adventure Path I converted him for use in a dreamscape boss fight orchestrated by Ilsensine as part Dawn of the Overmind. It is one of two monsters that Demogorgon can summon to aide him in the boss fight – the other being Sir Kargoth the […]

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maanzecorian, the dead god

Within the Undercity of Penumbra in “Dawn of the Overmind” the last remaining temple dedicated to Maanzecorin – the dead illithid god – stands.  The last vestige of this god broods their over its destruction and the fact Ilsensine never returned it to life after Orcus used the “Final Word” on it and destroyed it. […]

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I had an opportunity to rerun this boss with updates (below) as part of the adventure conversion “Dawn of the Overmind“. When the PCs entered the Penumbra system Ilsensine decided to intervene. The next time they had a long rest they entered a dream where they had to fight UNITY. If they failed not only […]

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mind flayer scroll mummy

So I setup Penumbra in “Dawn of the Overmind” to be a hex crawl this was one of the random encounters. The PCs saw this thing wandering the desert area but did not engage. Built from the original 4e version. MIND FLAYER SCROLL MUMMY Medium undead, lawful evil Armor Class 15 (alien breastplate) Hit Points 84 (13d8 + 26) Speed 20 […]

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