Alien Bestiary

A new science-fantasy kickstarter (full disclosure I will be working on some of the monsters that may appear in this book… MAY 🙂     Advertisements

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Koliada, the Winter Witch for 5e D&D

I ran my party through the 4e adventure Winter of the Witch ending my third 5th edition campaign.  Revenge of the Giants only got the party to level 15 and they wanted to get to 20 so capped the campaign with Winter of the Witch.  The picture of the Winter Witch that goes with this adventure […]

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The People of the Dying Earth

As a big fan of Jack Vance I was recently reminded as I worked my way through Tales from the Dying Earth that magic in Jack’s world is essentially math and anyone with the brains and tenacity to study can learn magic.   Here is a 5e optional rule for humans in any Vancian type […]

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1e Psionics in 5e

Thinking more about 1e I figured it would be a nice option to allow the chance for latent psionics as we did in the old days (I recall having 1 character who rolled the required % number over decades of play).  Here are the 5e updated rules. PSIONICS Psionics are various powers derived from the […]

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Restricting Class Options in 5e

I just finished listening to the latest Tome show episode and it reminded me of the old 1e and 2e restrictions on classes based on ability score rolls.  I had forgotten about this and the game has moved on from this restriction.  But I thought it may actually be a good optional rule.  It would […]

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Revenge of the Giants Flowchart

After running through Revenge of the Giants I created this flowchart to manage the adventure path.  The adventure itself is pretty confusing and I found this useful.  Enjoy. Advertisements

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Old School XP in 5e

Here is a simple rule I am going to try next campaign.  Monsters are worth 1/10th their listed XP value and a gold piece is worth 1 XP.  I expect it will promote a bit more exploration and creative thinking in how to extract as much treasure as possible from a dungeon.  Reminiscent of D&D […]

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