ARMOURY: Micro-Bead

Some new tech for The Choking Tower… 5e’ified.  I have significantly reduced tech loot and where possible converted it to be more Warhammer 40k compliant.  Here is a converted comset. MICRO-BEAD Technological Gear, Rare Weight – lb., Capacity 10, 1 charge per hour of use 6,000 gp A micro-bead or comm-bead is a short-range communication device worn in the […]

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Some new tech for The Choking Tower… 5e’ified. REBREATHER  Technological Gear, Rare Weight 1 lb., Capacity 10, 1 charge per hour of use 4,500 gp A filter mask or rebreather, is a clear plastic shield worn over the entire face. The mask has ionized filters and scrubbers that purify the air the user breathes in and give […]


ARMOURY: Magnoculars

Replacing the veemods. MAGNOCULARS Technological Gear, Uncommon Weight – These are powerful vision aids that magnify distant objects. More advanced, high-quality magnoculars can also do such things as give range read-outs, detect heat sources, calculate target location positioning, and take pict-captures of a view for later analysis.  Blinking twice rapidly, the wearer can magnify what […]

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ARMOURY: Sacred Unguents

SACRED UNGUENTS Technological Gear, Rare Sacred unguents blessed by the Omnissiah are much sought after for their mystical properties when applied to machines. If applied to a weapon (an action) it losses the timeworn property for a number of shots equal to its clip size.

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ARMOURY: Violet Rations

RATION PACKS Most food in the Imperium is packaged, processed, and usually completely unrecognisable as anything edible. The quality of ration packs varies widely, ranging from simple and poor fare such as corpse starch rations or cultured algae to flavoured strips of grox meat and fine nutrislurry. Violet Rations Technological Gear, Uncommon Violet rations are particularly […]

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