Into the Past: “BONECLAW” Class Gearsman (Mk. I)

Continuing on from part 1, part 2 and part 3 with our visit into the past of Nimmeria here is another updated gearsmen guarding Xoud’s lab at the Technic League Compound.  This is a melee/battlefield control model (due to reach).  Built from the undead of the same name. “BONECLAW” CLASS GEARSMAN (MK. I) Large Construct (robot), neutral Armour Class 18 (reinforced skymetal plating) Hit Points […]

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These guys were very fun to run in battle.  Blanketing an area in rocket fire before slamming into foes.  My characters used Casandalee to takeover one of Ghartone’s Battleguards and turned it against him.  It survived and has become Casandalee’s host.  Fun, fun, fun! GEARSMAN MK. III Battleguard Large Construct (robot), neutral Armour Class 19 […]