Treasures from “Dawn of the Overmind” – Ilsensine’s ring. I moved this to the neothelid’s treasure trove because I wanted my PCs to have an opportunity to use it. The player who picked it up was contacted by Diinkarazan and made a deal with him. He could have the ring if he helped fight Ilsensine […]



Treasures from “Dawn of the Overmind” – The Annulus. This is also the “mcguffin” of the adventure.   THE ANNULUS Artifact, automatically attunes The Annulus appears as a 1-foot-diameter ring of silvery metal of some unknown alloy Slots, antennae, spheres, and other arcane projections decorate the exterior of the hoop; however, there is sufficient space […]

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Spade of Colossal Excavation

A converted magic item for the “Thoughts of Darkness” campaign I am running. SPADE OF COLOSSAL EXCAVATION Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement) This digging tool is 8 feet long with a spade-like blade 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. Any character with 18 Strength can use this magical shovel to dig great holes. One […]

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The Raven Queen’s Retribution​

A custom magic item for one of my PCs. RAVEN QUEEN’S RETRIBUTION Pistol, legendary (requires attunement, see desciption) Range (40/120) does 3d6+1 radiant damage. 2lbs.  Reload. This jet-black “wand” is embossed with the Raven Queen’s holy symbol this ancient artifact is a +1 laser pistol.  It counts as a magic weapon for overcoming damage resistance. […]

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+3 Illithid Banded Mail

With a nod to Everquest, something a bit more interesting than “just” +3 splint mail. +3 ILLITHID BANDED MAIL Armour (medium), Legendary Mind Flayer banded mail acts as splint mail for stat purposes.  Its made from a crystalline substance and is very light.  Despite this it does not restrict movement breaking apart and instantly reconstituting […]

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Yah-Thalgaad Breastplate

YAH-THALGAAD BREASTPLATE Armour (medium) Made from the shell of an ascended Neh-Thalgaa this psionically enhanced items provides a base AC of 15 + Dex modifier (max 2) as well as psychic feedback to anything that makes a natural or unarmed attack against the wearer of 3 (1d6) psychic damage.  5,000 gp.

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