+3 Illithid Banded Mail

With a nod to Everquest, something a bit more interesting than “just” +3 splint mail. +3 ILLITHID BANDED MAIL Armour (medium), Legendary Mind Flayer banded mail acts as splint mail for stat purposes.  Its made from a crystalline substance and is very light.  Despite this it does not restrict movement breaking apart and instantly reconstituting […]

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Yah-Thalgaad Breastplate

YAH-THALGAAD BREASTPLATE Armour (medium) Made from the shell of an ascended Neh-Thalgaa this psionically enhanced items provides a base AC of 15 + Dex modifier (max 2) as well as psychic feedback to anything that makes a natural or unarmed attack against the wearer of 3 (1d6) psychic damage.  5,000 gp.

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MAGIC ITEMS: Voidfrost Cloak

Converted over from the original Pathfinder version for 5e.  Found on Anada Visk in The Choking Tower. VOIDFROST CLOAK Wonder time, very rare (requires attunement) This hooded black cloak gives the impression of a star night.  If examined closely will see the constellations slowly move and sometimes comets will shoot across it its surface.  Even stranger […]

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ARMOURY: The Ligntning Blade

There is a small temple of Dorana in Chesed revering her sea-queen aspect.  It is also home to the Lightning Blade.  An enchanted version of Dorana’s holy symbol.  This was initially a standard double blade but it was rent in two when its original wielder, Janek Firestarter, tracked down an infamous murderer to the Chesed […]

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ARMOURY: Hearth Mantle

The conversion process has begun in earnest for The Choking Tower.   THE HEARTH MANTLE Wondrous item, rare The inside of this long, thick shawl is cool muslin, while the outside is decorated with a flame-like rune. Hearth mantles are favored by t he faithful of Erastil, particularly those among his worshipers who rely upon the […]

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