In the process of converting Scales of War.  I’ll be starting my campaign from Garaitha’s Anvil – the 12th adventure in the series – skipping most of the build-up adventures as I have characters who are coming of Tomb of Annihilation and are level 14. One thing I don’t like about some 4e monsters is […]

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epic level Strahd von Zarovich

My players voted for a Gothic Horror themed campaign so will be playing a heavily modified Curse of Strahd.  Heavily modified because I will have 8 players all starting at level 14.  Will also be adding a lot more Lovecraftian (ala Bloodborne) touches to expand the adventure beyond just Strahd.  Publishing this draft version for […]

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Monsters 2.0: The Lich

I have been running Dungeon and Dragons 5e since it came out.  Overall I enjoy it and think its an excellent product.  It is a highly refined version of 3.5e that also manages to evoke the feel of older editions like 1e. However, the problem with many of the monsters is they tend to be […]

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GAKI Gaki are minor undead spirits, the spirits of wicked mortals who return to the world of the living in the form of horrible monsters as punishment for their sins. Gaki come in four dis- tinct varieties: the vampiric jiki-ketsu-gaki, the ghoulish jiki- niku-gaki, the disease-ridden shikki-gaki, and the fiery shinen- gaki. Although they differ […]



In this set of blog entries I aim to convert the original 1e Oriental Adventure monsters to 5e to provide some extra fodder for an OA campaign. I am using both the original 1e source and the updated 3e source as reference for the build.  BUSO Medium humanoid (human, shapechanger), chaotic evil Armor Class 12 (natural armour) Hit Points 58 (9d8 […]


Medical Centre Geist

My players scouted this room out and the geist and haunts didn’t see them but the character, Sylvanus, was appropriately freaked out by catching glimpses of shadowy figures moving around and something brushing past her that she beat a hasty retreat.  The haunts I had function as trap that worked as an AOE and more powerful […]

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More conversions for the Iron God Adventure Path – Divinity Drive.  Untested as my players bypassed this monster.  I am not a big fan of undead generally but this one reminds me of the corpse crab from Eberron that wanders around battlefields and places corpses on its back. WARSWORNS Gargantuan undead, neutral evil Armour Class 10 […]

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