I had an opportunity to rerun this boss with updates (below) as part of the adventure conversion “Dawn of the Overmind“. When the PCs entered the Penumbra system Ilsensine decided to intervene. The next time they had a long rest they entered a dream where they had to fight UNITY. If they failed not only […]

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UNITY Dialogue

  Idea is to use them when appropriate though I do have keyed ones as well. KEYED Voice is female, there is always noise in the background and a static-transmission when UNITY starts and stops. Entrance – “You have thrived and become unruly.  And now you seek to destroy me… I will not allow that.” […]

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This is the matrix like world of UNITY.  She will have to be defeated here before true victory is gained.  Here are the general effects of this alternate/demi-plane. THE GODMIND EFFECTS Depending on the victory level of the characters the following affects are permanently active and can not be dispelled within the Godmind and constantly […]

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  I originally planed to have the UNITY fight staggered as I didn’t expect the characters to rest after they started engaging UNITY directly.  Though the fights are not one after the other I consider them one big fight in that context with the UNITY AI directly harassing the players via spells an minions.   […]


Hololithic Fragment 11

This is just a voice recording of a melodies female: “UNITY log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,110.9.21.  Crash landing on Earth class world with designation Pangaea has lead to catastrophic failure of reactor core.  Radiation leeks rampant.  Servitors instructed to contain and clean.  Xenomorph flora and fauna are to be ejected via airlock 8.  Please […]

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Hololithic Fragment 09

This is just a voice recording of a melodies female: “UNITY log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,110.9.20.  As mandated by Imperial law I am to include an automated incident report when a major malfunction has occurred.  After leaving the wormhole my engines were severely damaged.  Following emergency procedure I landed the ship on the nearest […]

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